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Cyprus Reseller: Dexterity Solutions Ltd

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Omnitracs Roadnet is a tactical daily routing tool which allows you to optimize routes and balance profitability with customer requirements. Using advanced algorithms and custom routing passes, you can create multiple intelligent route plans faster, maximizing the investment in your fleet — all within an easy-to-use interface that allows re-routes to occur when needed.

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Case Study: Roadnet at Pepsi

Territory Planning

Omnitracs Roadnet Territory Planner lets you strategically prepare optimal territories and routes using historical data, including delivery days, open/close times, preferred delivery times, volume, and geographic location. This data is used to create optimised and balanced territories, routes, and stop sequences — all within an easy-to-use interface that allows re-routes to occur when needed.

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Case Study: A Recycling Business

Fleet Loading

Omnitracs Roadnet FleetLoader analyzes and optimizes loading of both bay and bulk beverage vehicles. The truck load calculator can evaluate multiple loading methods to meet the needs of all delivery types and warehouse requirements. With the right truck loading optimization strategy, you can create an efficient fleet management system that will boost productivity.

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Active Alert

Roadnet’s Active Alert delivery tracking and notification service helps fleets provide the information customers want and expect. Active Alert leverages actual vs. projected arrival time to proactively notify customers via email, text alert, phone call, or an embedded web application of a delivery or the arrival of a serviceperson. With Active Alert, customers decide how they want to be notified.

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Monitoring & POD

With Roadnet Dispatch + Proof of Delivery software, you can get real-time visibility into your delivery day, including proof of delivery, so you can be sure that your fleet is operating according to plan. With our electronic proof of delivery software, you can conveniently and effectively keep track of your fleet operations. Omnitracs MobileCast technology works hand-in-hand with wireless data networks as well as GPS for real-time comparison of actual events to plans.

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Business Analytics

Omnitracs Roadnet Insight is a cloud-based business analytics tool that transforms transportation data into meaningful views of fleet performance. Insight provides historical and current views of the business so managers can see the big picture on trends and drill down to root causes. Best of all, that information is available anywhere, at any time, via desktop or tablet.

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Cyprus Reseller: Dexterity Solutions Ltd


Why more than 1,000 companies in 70 countries have chosen Omnitracs Roadnet:

  • Reduce Distribution Costs

    Daily routes are created using powerful algorithms and street-level routing in conjunction with the fleet’s business constraints.

  • Increase Resource Utilization

    Make better use of existing resources by delivering more and driving less. The answer to increasing volume is not always to put more vehicles on the road, but to make smart, efficient deliveries.

  • Decrease Routing Time

    Enable routers to spend less time configuring routes and more time assessing “what if” scenarios to produce better, more efficient routes.

  • Make Good Business Decisions

    Understand how delivery costs affect the profitability of each customer by knowing the actual cost per stop.

  • Generate Accurate Reports

    Driver manifests, maps, directions, resource utilization, customer delivery cost, actual versus projected by route and by stop, planned route summaries, and many more reports help fleets consistently evaluate success.

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Dexterity Solutions Ltd

Dexterity Solutions Ltd is the authorised reseller for Omnitracs Software in Cyprus and provides technology consulting, software development and business solutions from our office in Nicosia. We employ a team of highly experienced technical staff, assisted by specialist contractors.

Since the founding of the company in 2008 we have acquired substantial expertise in designing and implementing software for supply chain management. Our methodology for the implementation of difficult technology projects has resulted in successful projects and happy clients.

Our clients in Cyprus include Medochemie, MPM Group, Vassos Eliades Group, Galatariotis Group, European University Cyprus, Wargaming Group, Cheeseline, Aquamasters, Skylink Services, law offices, accounting firms and many others.

Rasner Logistic Software

Rasner Logistic Software is an Israel-based private company established in 1991, helping companies accelerate their business performance through consulting and the use of Supply Chain Optimization Software.

Throughout the last 15 years we have selected what we found to be the three most revolutionary, powerful yet simple and friendly Supply Chain Optimisation software tools; among them is Roadnet.

Our clients include Carlsberg, Unilever, Ferrero, PEPSI and many others in the Middle East, Eastern Europe and the CIS.

In cooperation with Dexterity, we are offering our products and services to businesses in Cyprus.

Omnitracs LLC

Omnitracs is the global pioneer of innovative and comprehensive fleet management solutions transforming the transportation industry through technology and insight.

Omnitracs’ more than twenty five years of leadership and experience uniquely positions it to serve the industry’s needs for seamlessly integrated compliance, safety, productivity, route planning and delivery, analytics, and transportation management system solutions.

Omnitracs’ more than 1000 employees deliver software-as-a-service based solutions that help more than 40,000 private and for-hire fleet customers manage over 1,500,000 mobile assets in more than 70 countries